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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! [entries|friends|calendar]
Halloween Everyday!

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Cheap Costumes [August 19th]
Fall is coming - well, almost - and I know you all are very interested in Halloween... so I wanted to recommend 2 related websites that will give you a great value this year. Hopefully you will find this info relevant and something you can use for a later time as we approach this year's Halloween season. I know a lot of people haven't heard of Find Costume and Fantasy Toyland - it's just really a bit lower than what a lot of the competition is doing. You can actually contact customer service about buying in bulk, and potentially get an even better deal for very large purchases. At any rate, have a look if you want to pay a little less. The sites are being updated with the new for 2010 stuff now (Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) Have a good one! 

Halloween food party - Meringue bones [August 4th]

I'm having a Halloween party on friday for my bday and I've decided to make(and bake):

1) Caramel apples
2) Meringue bones
3) Marshmallow & rice krispies shaped pumpkin
4) Vanilla cake


I was always told that meringue was a difficult food to make but I've read the Martha Stewart recipe and it seems easy enough.

Martha Stewart's Sweet bones recipeCollapse )

Edit/Update on the meringue bones

As it turns out I couldn't make them. I was able to do the meringue, but I could not for the love of Halloween shape the meringue into bones. As hard as I tried. I would say this recipe is for advanced cooks.

The Caramel apple recipe is posted on halloweenasylum
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Halloween daydreaming. [July 31st]

It's dim and cold (for a CHANGE) where I live and I came over all Halloweenish. I went online window shopping for ideas for my tabletop Halloween Village that I've decided to seriously start building. Then I got distracted by all the other neat stuff and I thought I'd share my current favorite links. Why drool alone?

The Bradford Exchange aka Hawthorne Village: The Munsters, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Pirates of the Caribbean villages abound!

Department 56: I've got to get that WW1 Flying Ace Snoopy. I thought Autumn Williamsburg was especially beautiful, too. I hate their website, though, and every other item has been 'retired' which is frustrating.

Lemax Spooky Town: Soooo much stuff.

MARTHA STEWART AIIIIGH!: Martha creeps me out, and not in a good way, but her crafts and the photography of her magazine makes for the most fantastic Halloween porn. Kudos to her ideas staff.

Grandin Road: New to me but skimming through it I saw some excellent decor and furniture. (They're allied with Martha.) Their outside inflatables are fantastic! I didn't even look at the prices, though. Talk about frightening.

Family Fun Halloween Crafts: When I feel like actually making something.

And I probably will wind up making my village. I think I'll collect a basketful of decorate-it-yourself paper or ceramic buildings from the local arts and crafts store and go crazy with the paint.
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Halloween candy's out!! [July 30th]

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It's Alive! horror zine [December 17th]

Hi guys,

I posted here almost a year back about a horror zine I was putting together. Unfortunately life got in the way and it never got made. Well, it's getting made now.

It's called 'It's Alive!' and it will probably be a one-off zine, hopefully out by February.

It's very much in the early stages at the moment, but if anybody would like to contribute that would be great.

As I'm only just getting started on it, I can't give an exact description of what I'm looking for, but I'm hoping it will turn out to be a fun and witty zine for horror fans, full of film reviews (classics, b-movies and modern), interviews and a few other horror related features such as reviews of ghost walks, the scariest places to visit in the UK, scary stories etc. Here's one of my film reviews that will be going in, to give you an idea of what to expect.

If you've got anything you think might fit in, please drop me an email to siobhanlouise@gmail.com and I'll get straight back to you.

Additionally, if you think It's Alive! sounds interesting and you want to order a copy or find out more about it, send me an email to siobhanlouise@gmail.com, or sign up to my blog for updates.

Thanks guys!

(x-posted, sorry!)

Huluween [October 28th]

[ mood | amused ]

Just wanted to let yall know Hulu.com is doing Huluween. They have a bunch of halloween themed movies and shows.

You can check them out here:


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LAST CHANCE to enter your carvings into the TOH PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST [October 21st]


The competition is fierce this year, guys! Think your carving is a cut above the rest? Today is your LAST CHANCE to enter to win the TOH Pumpkin-Carving Contest. VOTING BEGINS TOMORROW; so tell your friends and fans to vote for your masterpiece starting Thursday 10/22!

21 Halloween Icons by Trina [October 18th]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Halloween, Animated, retro, pinups

*No Credit Needed (if you do, please credit pixel_bits)
*Comments Are Nice


(Happy Happy Halloween!)


Halloween promotion: [October 16th]




Trick 'r Treat [October 2nd]

So, maybe I'm dumb, or missed it somewhere, but apparently Trick 'r Treat (Which we have been waiting for since 2006...) is not going to be sold in stores. I didn't know this, so I was planning on going to Walmart at midnight to get it. I should have checked earlier, but I didn't. So, if you were planning on going to a store to get it, you still have time to get it on Amazon. If you get two day shipping, it's only $7.98 and you get it on the release date, Tuesday, October 6. Not bad for two day shipping. But hurry!!

Did everyone else know it was online only? D:

Um nevermind! Apparently Best Buy will have it! Yay!

X-posted to all the Halloween communities I am in, so sorry if you see this three times!

"Zombieland" Screening DATE SET!! ^_^ Come Join the Fun!! :D [September 25th]

 "Zombieland's" new, FINAL date for the screening in DC is SEPTEMBER 29th! 
The theatre has been solidified & the event is essentially thus::
  1. Meet behind the PNC Bank @ 1201 Wisconsin Ave NW DC @ 6pm,
  2. Walk just under half a mile.
  3. Meet up again @ the Georgetown 14 Theatre @ 3111 K Street, NW DC 20007.
  4. See a FREE SCREENING of "ZOMBIELAND" before it officially breaks in theatres!
Zombies get in free, so be there, or be dinner! ^_^
E-mail zombieland@gmail.com w/your full name, and those of all additional guests attending. :)
For zombie-related tips and more info, check out their official Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137164922182&ref=ss
And find other "Zombieland" walks around the country at: http://machineshopmarketing.com/zombieland/
Hope to see you all there!
*Much Zombie Love*

[September 22nd]

Halloween, she is upon us. The haunted houses start opening this weekend. In celebration, here's a new photo. Enjoy!

Evil Jack

If you are so inclined, you can check out more of my Halloween shots on my Flickr page here.
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Magic in the air at Life & Death [September 17th]


All October we are pleased to be hosting:

Shows will be running all day, everyday in October

You Can Purchase Tickets Here

or just read up on us


[September 16th]

i live in a bungalow style house with an indoor front porch. my mother and i want to turn the porch into a haunted house for trick-or-treaters. i was thinking of blacking out all the windows with construction paper or black fabric, playing some spooky tunes, and maybe hiding under the stairs and grabbing unsuspecting feet. i'm afraid i'm not as creative as i'd like to be and can't seem to figure out what else to do on the INSIDE of the porch. under the cut are some photos of my house. any ideas would be very appreciated.

Read more...Collapse )
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[September 12th]

5 Supernatural
15 Halloween stock
2 stock
5 text only

this way

The New Martha Stewart Mag for Halloween 09! [September 11th]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I haz it! Yessssss. And this year, it is filled with new things. Yes there are some recycled eyes, but some are even newly improved. And definitly filled with new ideas for decos, costumes and treats! Go get it now!

Different images xposted in halloweenasylum and halloween_fan

Read more...Collapse )
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Make Every Dinner Feel Like Your Last [September 5th]

Life & Death in Salem The REAL Salem Store is Excited to offer great Spooky Dinnerware!!
Check out our store and other things at www.lifeanddeathinsalem.com

[August 29th]

2 Dean
2 text
15 Halloween stock
10 Star Wars stock

this way

mathematical model of zombie apocalypse [August 24th]


Recently mentioned in Bruce Schneier's blog: the model is weak, but the introduction is a pretty good summary of zombie legends.


halloweenartists.com : D. A. Sweigart [July 22nd]

[ mood | cheerful ]

If you haven't lurked through the pages of  www.halloweenartists.com/ yet, I take it upon myself to make you discover some of the amazing artists that dedicate their wonderful talents to Halloween!


Copyrights to D.A. Sweigart
Also see the official website : www.grimprim.com/

Other artists xposted on other communities.

And a big happy birthday to the mod, despitethesnow !!!! :)
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