Erin (despitethesnow) wrote in halloweeeeen,

Contest Winner!

after a long and hard deliberation, i have decided who is the winner of this contest. trust me, everyone who participated had wonderful decorations and pumpkins. honestly, this should all be a tie :) i loved them all. but anywho, thanks so much for those who took their time out to do this for such a new community!

and the winner is....

choking_cat !!!

i loved the creativity in your decorations and all the effort you seemed to put into it. your pumpkins were beautiful too. so now you are dubbed the co-mod for the halloweeeeen community! congrats! you can do whatever you'd like for this community (aside from changing the layout or the info, i'm very particular w/ that, hahah). don't forget to promote, i need that desperately :p

to everyone else, happy halloweeeen!

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