choking_cat (choking_cat) wrote in halloweeeeen,

Everytime there is a contest in another Halloween community then my own I try to participate if I can, cause I can't try my own contests lol : p


Me and my bf's 2 first pumpkins carved for Halloween 2005

This are all the pumpkins me and my bf carved for last Halloween. We're gonna try to beat our records next Halloween! :)

My pumpkin man I did with the outside lamp-post and my tombstones...

the ghost I've made; there is a black light on the tree that made it glow blue at night

That's a night picture of it; it's not really good unfortunately... She glowed blue!

And finally that's the witch I made; people loved her!!(You can see my Jack Skellington on this picture:) )

The path to my house...


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