October 14th, 2010



I'm working on a few tutorials for a dark-themed craft group I belong to, so in celebration for this most remarkable of upcoming holidays, I thought I'd make one tutorial about creating safe, fun, truly inexpensive and super-easy costumes for our furry little friends.  

Now, I'm well on the way to being done (or, at least half way finished) w/my items for the felt pet costume tutorial.  I've written a TON of wordy stuff that'll probably never actually make it to the how-to itself, but at least now I can say I do have one decent portion of the required work done- my boycat Skye's vampire/Dracula costume! ^_^

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All this took was a little time, some scissors, 3 pieces of 37-cent felt from a neighborhood superstore, some Fabric Tac, a few super-inexpensive faux jewels (they come in a bag for like $2.99 for a whole mish-mosh of fake "stones"), some cording, a few quick dashes of Night Star glitter fabric paint, and a teeny bit of sparkle on the cape for flavor.  (I know, I know- "vampires don't sparkle!" But when you've got a black cat, it's good to help your black fabric stand out, so you can see it and not just black, glossy fur. :))

Now the decision is; what to do next?  Write on the tutorial, or start on my girlcat Ouna's faerie costume..?  Hmmm....
Anyhoo, hope you guys like, and Happy Halloween! ♥

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