July 31st, 2010

Singe by angstslashhope

Halloween daydreaming.

It's dim and cold (for a CHANGE) where I live and I came over all Halloweenish. I went online window shopping for ideas for my tabletop Halloween Village that I've decided to seriously start building. Then I got distracted by all the other neat stuff and I thought I'd share my current favorite links. Why drool alone?

The Bradford Exchange aka Hawthorne Village: The Munsters, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Pirates of the Caribbean villages abound!

Department 56: I've got to get that WW1 Flying Ace Snoopy. I thought Autumn Williamsburg was especially beautiful, too. I hate their website, though, and every other item has been 'retired' which is frustrating.

Lemax Spooky Town: Soooo much stuff.

MARTHA STEWART AIIIIGH!: Martha creeps me out, and not in a good way, but her crafts and the photography of her magazine makes for the most fantastic Halloween porn. Kudos to her ideas staff.

Grandin Road: New to me but skimming through it I saw some excellent decor and furniture. (They're allied with Martha.) Their outside inflatables are fantastic! I didn't even look at the prices, though. Talk about frightening.

Family Fun Halloween Crafts: When I feel like actually making something.

And I probably will wind up making my village. I think I'll collect a basketful of decorate-it-yourself paper or ceramic buildings from the local arts and crafts store and go crazy with the paint.