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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Halloween Everyday!

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Im ready for Halloween 2007! [31 Dec 2006|10:02am]
[ mood | calm ]

Ghosts or Goblins?: Ghosts

Zombies or Vampires?: Both

Witches or Hags?: Witches

Werewolves or Frankenstein?: Werewolves

Black Cats or Bats?: Both

Trick or Treat? Treat

Eggs or Shaving Cream?: Eggs

Candy Corn or Candy Apples?: candy apples

Do you like to dress up for Halloween?: yes!

What were you last year for Halloween? Sadly, nothing.

What are you going to be this year?: Don't know

Favorite costume you have ever worn?: Zombie cheerleader when i was 10

How do you spend your Halloween? Watching a lot of movies, tv specials, surfering cool halloween based websites, dressing my son up, going trick-or-trreating, etc.
Do you or did you go trick or treating?: yes, i say you can never be to old to get some goodies ;}

Did you cause mischief as a child on Halloween?: yes

Did or do you pull Halloween pranks?: Nope

Do you believe in ghosts?: yes

Do you like to carve pumpkins?:Yes

Do you decorate your home for Halloween?: Not in the pass year. but ues i do when i can.

Have you ever been to a haunted house? I use to live in one.

Have you ever been to a graveyard on Halloween?: Almost but the people i was with were too spooked to tag along.

Have you ever been to an amusement park's Halloween event?: I have yet to do so

Do you watch scary movies on Halloween?: yes. and throughout the entire month of October.

Have you ever had your candy stolen from you?: Nope

Did you ever steal any ones candy?: Nope

Has any one ever gotten hurt due to your prank?: No

Any Halloween memories that come to mind?: I just love everything about this time of year. the colors,smells,decorations,treats, EVERYTHING. it will always be my favorite holiday!

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[31 Dec 2006|10:22am]
I've been missing Halloween lately, especially when I'm in my Halloween decorated room! So, I pulled out my Little Bear Halloween Stories and got my fix :)

If you haven't seen it, rent it at Blockbuster! It is intended for young kids but I personally love watching it myself :p
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A New Year's Resolution... [31 Dec 2006|08:25pm]
In 2007, I resolve to make my house look like this next Halloween...


Inspiration for '07Collapse )
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