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A Halloween AND Christmas community?! [04 Nov 2006|09:58pm]
I had this idea today while pondering my unconditional love for Halloween and my not as deep love, but love still, for Christmas and I had the bright idea of perhaps making a community where people can share their love for either or both holidays in one single community! Now, I'm not going to make the community official unless I hear some feedback on whether or not anyone would go for that. I know the holidays are very different but they both are most likely the two most highly celebrated so I thought, why not? I'm posting this on both of my Halloween communities and the two Christmas communities I belong to just to test if this might in fact be a nice little idea that everyone might enjoy. So tell me what you think and let me know if you'd want to join it. The community's name is merry_halloween so keep that in mind for future references! ;] Remember, this is JUST an idea so far!

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