October 17th, 2006



gattican wrote in october_homes and also posted this picture

He doesn't know who it's by, what it's called. All he knows is that he found it while googling pumpkinhead a while back and that the other pieces by the artist were not of the same genre.. does anyone know anything??? Please :-(

Halloween ATC Update

I will be sending out the ATCs this week because it is unfair to those who sent their ATCs on time. Here are the two solutions that I have come up with..

A. Run off extra ATCs and send them to all the people who are in the ATC exchange.


B. Take the cards that I have received for the members that I haven't received cards from and divide them all up to the members that have sent their cards in.

Although I realize the ultimate decision is mine to make, I would really appreciate some input from everyone else, especially if you are in the ATC. Thank you.
Victor & Victoria

My Party...

Hi! My internet was down for the longest time, but I'm back thank goodness...

I've decided to have a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party. I know that I'll have around 20 guests, and I'm too excited.

Typing this I came to everyone here for ideas of course, since everyone here is sooo good at coming up with the best ideas. Everyone is bringing their own pumpkins with them when they come. Under the car-port I'm going to have two tables with plenty of chairs and plastic table covers to keep the pumpkin insides from getting all over. That way I'll just fold them up and dumb them in the trash...after throwing some seeds down by the woods to see if they grow. ^_^

I'm dressing up the kitchen, parents bathroom beside of the den, the den itself, the table inside, and of course the outside will be Halloweeny as well. I'll have pumpkin carving tools ready, but I really don't want to buy the expensive kits. Is there anything to use besides the sets? My boyfriend said that hardware stores have small saws just like the ones that come with everything like the scoopers, ECT.

I'll have snacks and drinks for the night and we'll watch the horror movie that gets the most votes too.

What I'm getting at is-does anyone have any good ideas for cheap, easy ways to spruce up with decorations...as well as some pretty good recipes??? I just wanted to see what everyone thought up.

Oh, I'll have a prize for the best Jack-O-Lantern...which I already purchased tonight, and good bags for everyone that comes.

Sorry if I'm bugging anyone, I just needed some great ideas and I like to hear everyone else's opinions.
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