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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Halloween Everyday!

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New Addition. [15 Oct 2006|10:25am]
I put up a new addition to my house a couple of days ago:

Sorry if it's too dark :p Heres a better picture:
One moreCollapse )
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Secret Pumpkin Exchange [15 Oct 2006|11:14pm]
[ mood | curious ]

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Someone suggested a while back, that there should be a post, where Secret Pumpkin Exchange partners who have received their gifts, comment to, anonymously about it. This way, the person who sent the present would know that the gift made it's destination and it would still be a secret.

Soooo, let's do it here!

And how about a little description of what you've got for our own curiousity!!! ;)

We wanna know what you've got!! :P

Keep it anonymous!
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