September 30th, 2006

Bride of the Zombie Pumpkins!!!

This year a new monster is along for the ride. They demanded a mate, and were given a bride!

Welcome to "Bride of the Zombie Pumpkins!", the 2006 installment in this continuing saga of undead pumpkins that just won't die! With this website theme comes plenty of new content to celebrate the female spirit.

The new design is amazing! You have to check it out!!!

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My My My My My Kitty Shoes!

Halloween is the New Black


Hello, there! I'm in a bunch of Halloween communities and recently decided to join some more, so I figured I'd introduce myself here. My name is Jessi and I have ALWAYS loved Halloween. I went trick-or-treating until I was 18. I KID YOU NOT (it helps being short. If you have make-up on, no one can tell your age, hee). I love Halloween so much, my fiance and I are getting married on the 29th of October and it's Halloween-themed! I'm so excited! We went into Michaels a while ago and the both of us wanted to buy everything to decorate our bedroom, ahaha.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello to everyone!

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