September 28th, 2006

Surprised Me

Fake Boty Parts

Greetings, all! I just found this place, and as I love Halloween stuff all year round, I nearly popped!! :D:D But I've a question: I saw some "how to make your own guts" sales on Ebay, and as I think that's kindof a jip, I was wondering if anyone knew how to, or knew where to find such directions.

Moreover, I'd also be looking for other body part how-tos as well. I'm organizing a Zombie Lurch in the DC area, and anything inexpensive but effective to creep the bejeezus out of the local population would rock!! I've heard of ice in a latex glove and jellow mold brains, (the latter of which I'm making for my Lurchers to munch on while they walk as zombies), but I'm totally open for others' suggestions.

Many Thanks!
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Surprised Me


Oh yes, and has anyone tried the whole styrofoam gravestone thing? I've heard of it and was thinking of giving it a shot for a cheap, fun n' easy way to make some neat lawn decorations, but I have no idea how hard/time consuming it really is, or even how well it actually works. The last entry reminded me I'm in much the same boat. :) I have time, but not much $$. (What I -do- have is a big desire to top the nextdoor neighbors when it comes to decking out our yard, and lots of artsy stuff. :)

Thanks again!