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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Halloween Everyday!

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??? [What to do for the big day] ??? [14 Sep 2006|05:24pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Sooo, I've been thinking and trying to figure out what I want to do for Halloween this year. I have a costume party I must attend for sure, and then several friends and I are heading to a wonderful haunted attraction: WOODS OF TERROR  (I could have worked there.) *Sigh*  But anyway, off to my idea so everyone can tell me what they think.

At first I thought, "Hey! A Campout sort of idea!" but then, the weather might be damp and cold. I was going to get a big funeral tent and have everyone bring their own mini tents to sleep in,  then hook up a t.v. and DVD player with an extension cord to watch horror movies, ECT. I came to the conclusion that it would be too complicated so I guess it's out of the picture.

What I have my mind set on now is for a small celebration, probably in my room in the basement...which I have to do some serious cleaning first. I plan on just having something simple yet very fun. Last year I went all out spending tons of time and money on everything...and one person showed up. =/ It was pretty heart breaking, but the one person that showed up along with my boyfriend was awesome and we had fun anyway. I'm thinking about just decorating to the best of my abilities down there and hoping it looks good. My two cats are hell though, they'll make sure to drive everyone batty.

Anyway, instead of a costume contest I plan on buying small pumpkins and having a carving contest. I'll have a nice prize for the winner too of course. I'll rent several horror movies and get good scary stories ready, along with pizza and Halloween treats that I've made. ^_^ Hopefully I'll pull it off and everyone will have a blast! If anyone has any good decorating ideas, food choices, ECT. Please send them my way, I'd enjoy that.

Good movies too, name some of your favorite movies for me to play at my get-together. =P I already have Sleepy Hollow and The Corpse Bride...oh yeah, as well as the Underworld movies. Whoop! But again, any help would be wonderful.

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|-|3LP!!11!!!!1!!shift+1 [14 Sep 2006|05:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Alright everyone! ^^
I have an issue on my hands.
My birthday is in May, this past May, I turned 16. I haven't had a party yet and was planning on having a party in October to honour my birthday and my favourite holida, Halloween, of course! ^^ Seemed genius to me. Also, I'm kinda sorta working, as I'm an Avon Representative... but my pay, for now, is extremely low. O_o;;;;;; ^^;;;
I need some party ideas! My birthday parties are known throughout my high school... when I was 14, there was about 64 people there, when I was 15, there was about 89 people... now there's not going to be that many people this year, as I am on a extremely low budget.. but I still want to have a kick-ass party.

Btw...Does anyone here have a membership to Sam's Club?.. has anyone been there lately?
THEY HAVE.. get this... you know those inflatable outdoor holiday decor?... oh my gosh I almost died when I saw this... They have.. a 12.5 ft. tall, inflatable Haunted House. Equip with bats, spiders, motion sensors, lights, and takes about 10 minutes to inflate.... 12.5 FT. TALL! and it's about 20 feet long! It's a walk-thru haunted house! and get this... this may sound a lot but when you think about it, it really is very reasonable.. it's only $200!
I'm yearning for this haunted house with all my heart..and I'm trying to save up for it! ^^

My problem with that, is that I have braces right now... and they are coming off October 26 (I made sure that the lady made the appointment before halloween.. XD I was originall supposed to get them off November 3 ^^;;;;) and in order for them to come off... I have to pay the balance on my account of $926... ¬¬
There goes all my money...

So, does anyone have any ideas that would help me earn some extra cash on the side for this party?...
If not, I'm afraid that I won't be able to have the party after-all =(

Please! Help!!

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