September 8th, 2006

I was wondering... ^^;;

Alright! I'm now an active member on here, so I was wondering... a lot of people.. lol. Saw the shirt I made. ^^; I was wondering if anyone on here would be willing to buy one... I'll go out and buy the shirt, paint the design on it.. and will mail it to you, and all you would have to do is pay a simple price... Idk.. maybe $10? I have little charms that can be incorperated, and will do what is asked....

Now, I'm not sure if I'm 100% sure if I want to do this..but It's an idea. ^^

Leave a comment on here, and let me know what you guys think or if any of you would like to be one of the first to buy one, or simple e-mail me at

If, in fact, anyone actually does want to buy one.. e-mail me telling me the size, the colour (black, orange, or white), the design you would like on it.. and I would be sure to make a rough draft of the design on paper and show it to you before I start painting...

^^ Thanks for reading! Have a Halloweeny Day!
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Adult Halloween party games??

A friend and I are planning a halloween party for somewhere around 30-40 people. Does anyone have any suggestions on games we could play? I dont want them too involved that they take a really long time to play and Im having a hard time coming up with anything thats not meant for small kids....I mean even games ment for young adults would be fine...Please help!


Last Reminder!

This is the last reminder regarding 2006's halloweeeeen Secret Pumpkin.
Tomorrow is the deadline so you still have some time left to e-mail me ( your home address and a pretend name in order for you to participate.
I'm a little disapointed because I hoped that there'd be more than 8 people getting involved, but I can understand that some people may be too busy.
Anyways, tomorrow, as soon as I can, I will e-mail you your partner with whom you're going to exchange with. As for now, I have an uneven amount of people (9 including myself), so I've decided to do it happy_skeleton's way and choose three people at random and let A exchange with B, B exchange with C and C exchange with A. Don't worry, you won't know the difference ;) 
I hope you have fun with this, it'll definitely put you into the Hallowe'en spirit. Consider this a kick off to the best time of year- Hallowe'en Season!
Once again, let me know if you have not received an e-mail by Sunday afternoon. I doubt I'll mess up, but hey no one is perfect.
Remember that you can take your time on this project, but don't take too long :p I would expect everyone to receive their gift at least a few weeks before Halloween. This is a September project afterall. 
Well, enough of my babbling. Thank you to everyone who is participating, you are what is keeping this little community alive! :)

Happy Hallowe'en!