September 1st, 2006


The Hallowe'en Event of the Year!

First annual halloweeeeen Secret Santa Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!

Hello, everyone! Happy September! We've waited long enough! :)
I briefly mentioned this idea the other day but did not elaborate because I was still trying to think of how this will work. I'm sure most are familar with the common gift exchange called "Secret Santa" during Christmas time. If not, someone takes everyone's name and puts it in a hat (in our case, our name AND address), shuffles it, picks one out and give it to someone at random. Then in turn, the person buys the other a gift and leaves it in a pile with the rest of people's gifts, thus the gift receiver does not know who the person was who gave them something. Confused? hahah, I hope not. Anyways, the way I want things to work since some of us live in different countries is, anyone who wants to participate (the deadline is September 9th), e-mail me your address and a fake name so your gift receiver will not know who you are. Label the e-mail, "SECRET PUMPKIN" so I don't accidentally delete it. I will then e-mail you back with a fake name and address of another person. From there on, it is all in your hands! Go crazy with it and make the best Hallowe'en present of the year :) I've decided to run the big Hallowe'en event in September so we will all have our special gifts before Hallowe'en, plus a lot of us will be too busy (I know I will!) during the month of October to be making gifts and mailing packages. 
I really hope this will work out the way I've planned it. If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment. Also, let me know if I haven't e-mailed you a partner after the dead line. 
Happy Hallowe'en!!!!!!!!!!

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