August 24th, 2006

Free Halloween Publicity

Hello there LJ Mods, LJ artists and fellow Halloween lovers!

I'm re-doing/re-organizing the boo_advertising info page and what I offer is to put in it an add of your community/communities or journal of businesses.

->You have to be the Mod of the community or the owner of the personal journal in order to make an add request.

->The add must be 100 X 100 (size of an icon).

->This community or business journal must be directly related to Halloween, Fall/Autumn, Dark/Gothic Arts(I put Fairy art in there)

You can comment your pic to this post with the name of your community and I will make it an image/link to your community add.

This is only for LJ's communities and journals as for other sites I use the sites' banners.

I already have the adds of some communities(you can change your pic if you'd like).

The info page will be under construction for a bit, but it should look really good very soon with all the adds of Lj's Halloween world ;)