August 21st, 2006


Halloween ATC Update

Yes another update!! AHAHAHHAhahahaha!! Okay serous now..

When I emailed all of you, I had given a date to makes sure you managed to get your cards done at a reasonable time. I believe, depending on the swap group, the dates had been August 14th and 15th. Technically, it had been set for 3 weeks after the swap group was filled.

I have been recieving cards and I've pretty much kept things updated on the origianl post to keep track of whose cards have came in yet or not.

I will mail out cards as soon as I recieve all entries from that particular swap group. As example, once I recieve all entries from group 1/2, I will mail out all of group 1/2's cards regardless if Group 3/4 hasn't sent in everything yet.