August 20th, 2006

I'm New!

And I guess I'm supposed to post this so...

1.) What was your first Halloween costume you can remember?: 1996 or 1995.

2.)What is your favorite aspect of Halloween (the costumes, decorations, parties...): I love it all. I love dressing up in weird costumes. I love making my house look totally different. I love the fall season too!

3.) If you could plan one special Halloween party for all of your friends, how would you do it?: We would all get together at someone's house and then after everyone arrived and ate, we would go on a walk through the nearest woods and tell ghost stories.

4.) What's your favorite trick? Or your favorite treat?: I love hiding in the woods and making noises to scare people and then when they are about to run, I love jumping out and scaring them to death!

5.) What is your fondest Halloween memory?: Before I moved form Virginia, my aunt had a party and it was the best. We all went trick or treating and then went back to her house for goulish food and movies.

6.) What reminds you the most of Halloween?: Leaves changing colors. Sadly, we don't have much of that in Florida. :(

7.) Post a picture, send a recipe, a poem, anything you'd like.
I have nothing... :(