August 17th, 2006



1.) What was your first Halloween costume you can remember?:
I believe I was a 'corpse bride', and I don't mean the Tim Burton version. My dad has always been big into Halloween, so when I was little he'd always do my make-up.
2.)What is your favorite aspect of Halloween (the costumes, decorations, parties...):
I don't know if I can pick just one! I love decorating for Halloween, lights, displays, I have probably 300 Halloween knick-knacks that I bring out every September. I also love choosing my costume every year (who doesn't?) of course, and going to parties. I would still trick or treat if I could.
3.) If you could plan one special Halloween party for all of your friends, how would you do it?:
Lots of candles and strings of lights, but other than that all darkness. I would want it to be in a really big, old farmhouse, decorated with cobwebs, and those Martha Stewart-ish Halloween decorations (anyone who knows her Halloween book will know what I mean). I would want there to be a magical feeling to it, an orange glow to everything. And of course lots and lots of Halloween goodies!
4.) What's your favorite trick? Or your favorite treat?:
Probably specially-made Halloween cupcakes.
5.) What is your fondest Halloween memory?:
Too many to list! Somewhere on my journal I have a list of every Halloween I can remember!
6.) What reminds you the most of Halloween?:
That smell in the air when Autumn hits - decaying leaves mixed with that crisp smell of Winter approaching.
7.) Post a picture, send a recipe, a poem, anything you'd like.