August 15th, 2006

Halloween Member Survey..

I've been a part of this community for a while but I haven't filled this out yet.. so here ya go!

1.) What was your first Halloween costume you can remember?: was my first halloween! ^_^ I was a little goblin.. a cute little goblin at that. =)

2.) What is your favorite aspect of Halloween (the costumes, decorations, parties...): I love it all! I can't pick between the costumes that people manage to come up with, the parties there are to honour the halloween tradition (thanks to Sahmain!) or the AMAZING decorations there are out there made especially for this holiday!

3.) If you could plan one special Halloween party for all of your friends, how would you do it?: I've always wanted to do this. What I've wanted to do, as a halloween party for all my friends, is turn my great big backyard into a graveyard/haunted house and just party.. have about 3 fire pits for story telling, decorations every where, the neighborhood kids would be over, and I'm sure that my trampoline would be dressed up as well. Plenty of party favours, foods, games, and prizes. I know how to throw a party, but I've never been able to throw a halloween one... I think I just might this year. ^_^

4.) What's your favorite trick? Or your favorite treat?: Favourite trick? Alright, when you guys went trick-or-treating as a kid, you remember waiting all night to get to that ONE special house that was always decorated like Halloween was the only holiday during the year?... and there was always a scarecrow sitting by the people handing out the candy and it was actually someone dressed up to scare the kids... <3 I love that. and favourite halloween treat? Kit-kats ^_^;;;

5.) What is your fondest Halloween memory?: well, I don't have the best memory this is a hard question for me.. but I would have to say when I went to Geauga Lake/Six Flags for Fright Fest... The haunted houses, the costumes, the shows, the decorations! I love it all! I wish there was a halloween themed amusement park around here...

6.) What reminds you the most of Halloween?: the feel of the air... the smell... and the decorations that start to pop up in stores. ^^;;

7.) Post a picture, send a recipe, a poem, anything you'd like.
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