July 24th, 2006

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This was told to me... And i was asked what would i do? Once reading try and picture all of this playing out in your mind... and tell me what you would do if it was to happen.



Alone one dark starless night... you are driving down a country road where the nearest town is miles away and with no homes in sight... from the beams of your head lights you see a dark figure up ahead... as you get close you realize it is a little girl walking alone the road side... Holding her dollie, alone though she does not seem scared in fact she is happy as any young child could be... She stops turns and smiles wickedly at you... Do you stop and as if she is alright and if she needs help... Or do you drive on and leave the girl alone in the dark as she was?


Halloween ATC update

Because of the lack of interest I am combining groups. 1 and 2 will merge together and 3 and 4 will merge together. But we do need 3 more artist to join.. hint, hint.

Here's the original post..
Halloween ATC

Group 3/4 I will be emailing you tonight :)

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