July 12th, 2006


My trip to Michaels :)

I had to see if the Michaels near me was carrying Halloween stuff like the ones in the US and it is!! :D I almost had a heart attack when I saw the Spooky Town village for real!

So I bought the Spooky Town's Manoir chair de poule(Goosebump Manor) and Cabane affamée construite dans un arbre(Hungry Treehouse), a cauldron and a door sign...

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And the Lucky Halloweener is...

Holy Ghoul people! I think I have never had so many people participating to a Lucky Halloweener before! :D

That means 16 usernames in my cauldron! That's cool! :)

And the Lucky Halloweener in halloweeeeen is...


Congrats 8trackrecord

(Please do send me your mailing info at happy_skeleton at hotmail.com)

For the others, the very last Lucky Halloweener for this item is on going in thdarkarts