July 11th, 2006


The Lucky Halloweener

Usually, I organize this activity only in halloweenasylum.

The Lucky Halloweener is an activity I do at least once a month and in which I randomly pick a community member that wins a Halloween-related prize. The prize is a secret to everyone, until I pick who the winner is and reveal what this Lucky Halloweneer won. Usually I give at least one clue, so that people can have a bit of the idea of what is being given.

How to participate

It's the easiest thing you'll ever do to win a Halloweeny prize: You just have to comment to this post, write anything, say hello, that's it(of course you can as well use this opportunity to tell me why you love me and name my great qualities =P). Then, all the usernames of the people who will have commented to that entry will be put in my magical cauldron and one username will be randomly picked. After that I'll just need your coordonates and I'll send you your creature, ahem, I mean your prize. And usually I give about 24 hours for people to comment, starting when I make this post.

The reason why I'm doing this in halloweeeeen now is because I have the 3 same items to give and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share the activity in 2 other communities. Yesterday, The Lucky Halloweener was done in halloweenasylum for one of the items, today in this community and tomorrow it will be done in thdarkarts. And if you belong in all 3 of these communities you can participate to all 3 of them, there are no rules, only luck ;)

So! Who's The Lucky Halloweener here in halloweeeeen??


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Good luck!