March 13th, 2006

Candle Magic

The Candle has been with us for over 5000 years. Candles made of beeswax were used in Egypt and Crete as early as 3000 B.C. Perhaps one of the easiest ceremonies to perform, Candle Magic has always been highly symbolic of the sacred light of the spirit, dispelling darkness and bring forth positive power, through working with divinity.

There are many types of  candles, we are going to look at some different types and how to use  them properly.

To Give Added Strength to the energy influences of the candles in ritual they should be first blessed to remove any negative vibrations and dirt, then dressed to set firmly the desired energy you want in your ritual.  Dressing is the term most often used to mean anointing the candle with oil. Dressing the candle is done in the following procedure.  Starting from the center of the candle, rub your oil on the candles surface with your right hand (left, if left handed) upward to the candles wick.  Continue rubbing the oil on the candles surface, from the center upwards until the entire top half of the candle is anointed.  Then from the candles center, rub downward to the bottom of the candle.  Continue rubbing the oil from the center downward until the bottom half of the candles surface is anointed. It is very, very important that you concentrate upon the symbolism which the candle has in you ritual while you are anointing it.  The act of concentration while anointing the candle with oil firmly sets in the mind of the operator the energy influence that the candle will have during the ritual.  To further fix in your mind the symbolism the candle has in your ritual, hold the candle in your right hand (left, if left-handed) and visualize the candles symbolism.  If the candle represents money, see money or the amount you need, if love- a heart, etc. Now you have blessed and empowered your candle the next step is to anoint it. To depending on whether you want to repel something from you or bring something to you will determine what you will do next. If you want to repel something you will start at the base of the candle with oil for your purpose and in a circular motion rub the oil from base to the top. If you want to attract something you would then do the opposite and start at the top and rub to the base. Got it? Okay lets get started.

7- knobbed Candles
Green: Release Bound Money or Property
Black: Release Someone's Hold On You
Red: Remove Blocks To Love
Yellow: Remove Bad Luck
Purple: Remove Bad Magic
Blue: Remove Confusion
Orange: Remove Blocks To Creative Success

Purpose: burn one knob each day to bring about your desired intention, to undo a serious situation, or to remove blocks one at a time.  Dual colors (black and red) are to undo and banish by burning the black wax first, then switch to activation as the red wax begins to burn.

Black Cat Candle
Purpose: shaped like a black cat, this candle is burned to bring good lick or to entreat the assistance of the Egyptian goddess Bast (Bastet) for protection of oneself, property, and pets.

Devil Be Gone/Satan Candle
White and black: Reverse a bad spell.
Red and black: Stop someone from destroying your love life.
Green and black: Stop someone from taking your money or dispel gossip that has affected your good name or fortune.

Purpose: come in two colors, one on top of the other in a single seven-day pillar candle or a thick, one-inch taper.  Where glass is not used, the second color is hand dipped over the original pillar color.  These candles are designed to reverse ill fortune.  If tapers are used, as the wax drips down the shaft of the candle, the situation is trapped or neutralized by the positive energy.

Ceremonial/Memorial Candle
Purpose:  white pillar candle in glass tumbler.  Used to celebrate a special day, give thanks, or commemorate an event.  Light at dawn.  Burn twenty-four to thirty hours.

Fruit or Vegetable Image Candles
Purpose:  ears of corn, apples, and other novelty shapes are burned to bring food into the home or to harvest the fruits of a long-term project.

Image Candles/Goddess and God
Purpose:  is in the form of a male or female and comes in a variety of colors.  Used to draw information and people to you, or push them away from you.  The figure candles are moved on the altar as they burn, either toward each other, or away.  They can also be used alone for healing purposes.

There are so many types of Candles to choose from when working candle magic. Whether you decide to make your own or buy your candles please follow the above method for blessing and charging any candle that you use for a magical purpose.
These are many other ways to use candles. One is what is called a packed candle. This procedure requires you to drill out a hole in the bottom of your candle and pack dried and blended herbs into the candle. Preferable one's that suit your purpose. Once this is completed you should use the wax that was left from drilling the hole to melt over the herbs and close the hole. This method add extra power to any magic and is highly effective.
Another method that is a common Gypsy practice is called "flipping the Candle" this is done with a blessed and anointed white candle and is used to ward off any negative effects from your magic. To do this, simply cut the bottom off of your white candle and light the wick from the bottom of the candle. Basically you are burning the candle "backwards". It's a quick and effective method of protecting yourself.


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