February 3rd, 2006


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a poem i wrote for my creative writing class:

In a perfect midnight symphony

Beneath the bushes and the trees,

They sing for us a lullaby

To help us fall asleep.

They sing the songs of nighttime

And days that soon will pass

A tune for each new season

After winter has collapsed.

The season now is autumn

The greatest season of them all,

When the goblins crawl out dancing

To the cricket’s haunting song.

The leaves are turning orange,

And brown beneath our feet

The day will soon be beautiful

So close your eyes and sleep.”



This is our first contest here on halloweeeeen  and hopefully everyone will participate.

The winner of the contest will become my co-mod (because i cannot sucessfully mod this alone)

The contest is to post your most prized jack-o-lantern and/or your best decorated house. If you have both, feel free to post them. i know none of you will do this but don't post a picture that is not your own.

I'm sorry if this contest has been done before on another community but why not again :)

The contest will end tuesday, February 7th. Good luck & Happy Halloween!

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Contest entry for your consideration: This was my 2005 Halloween.

My Pumpkins 2005:
Every year I carve about 30 pumpkins. I keep just one. I secretly deliver the pumpkins to houses with kids. I ring the doorbell and there is a bunch of glowing jack-o-lanterns shining up a them.

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My Zombie House 2005:
I covered everything in dust clothes, clear plastic and splattered blood on everything. I made a de-contamination tent and had a person dressed in a orange suit and face mask greet each guest. I had a zombie that popped out of a bio-hazard drum and fog came pouring out of it. I also broke open tons of glow sticks and splashed it around the house leaving glowing puddles of a zombie causing virus. For food I served ribs and sausage's arranged to look like a human was placed on the table.

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