January 30th, 2006

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Dani Lee's comin' at ya All Hallows style!

Hey there fellow Halloweenies. 8D

1.) What was your first Halloween costume you can remember?:
I was a bunny rabbit. Pssh. Lame. But I loved Halloween too much to be critical.

2.) What is your favorite aspect of Halloween (the costumes, decorations, parties...):
On Halloween, the whole world becomes a fright fest. Everybody dresses up for a day and suddenly everything is spooky, dark, and exciting. You can become your alter ego for a day, or become your childhood hero, or a nightmare, or whatever you want. And it gets better: you get candy for it.

3.) If you could plan one special Halloween party for all of your friends, how would you do it?:
First, I would make spooky invitations with a Halloween poem written in the old style. Then, I'd decorate my Victorian house like a Haunted House. There would be cobwebs, creepy noises, bloody hands dangling from doorknobs, you know. Then everybody would come in awesome costumes and we'd party. Yes. It would be a party to remember indeed.

4.) What's your favorite trick? Or your favorite treat?:
I like going around to houses on Mischief Night and trimming their bushes. On Halloween I like acting like a goon. xD

5.) What is your fondest Halloween memory?:
This past year's Halloween. Best time ever! I went with a group of my peers 17 strong. We were out from 3:30 to 10:00. We tried to beat The Adventures of Pete & Pete Halloween record of 375 houses. We did 35. But we had hella fun. :D Plus, I was born the day after Halloween, so Halloween is my last day being a certain age. It's like New Years only better! Think about it: candy and presents! And my dad had a nickname for me growing up: Boo.

6.) What reminds you the most of Halloween?: Well, I've got my last year's costume in my closet hanging on hangers and whenever I get stuff out of the closet I see it. And I wear parts of the costume often. I've also got a super rad photo album of Halloween.

7.) Post a picture, send a recipe, a poem, anything you'd like.
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-Dani Lee
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