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Are we all sick of the heat yet? I know I am. We have a long way to go before summer ends, though. Courage everyone!

What was your first Halloween costume you can remember?

Vampire, appropriately enough. The makeup for a vampire was cheap. All you needed was lipstick!

What is your favorite aspect of Halloween (the costumes, decorations, parties...)

The cool of the season. I grew up in Georgia and it was always a relief and an event when the heat broke for the year!

If you could plan one special Halloween party for all of your friends, how would you do it?

Haunted castle in Europe!

What's your favorite trick? Or your favorite treat?

Chocolate and chocolate. The stuff is multi-purpose, y'know.

What is your fondest Halloween memory?

Trick or treating. Gimme free candy! I was terrified of Haunted Houses, though, and avoided them like the plague.

What reminds you the most of Halloween?

Red and orange and yellow leaves. The leaves on my Magnolia are turning already and I'm so happy I could cry.

Post a picture, send a recipe, a poem, anything you'd like.

Here's a creepy little poem I absolutely love. I wish I knew who wrote it!

Spin a coin, spin a coin,
All fall down:
Queen Nefertiti
Stalks through town.
Over the pavements
Her feet go clack,
Her legs are as tall
As a chimney stack.

Her fingers flicker
Likes snakes in the air,
The walls split open
At her green-eyed stare;

Her voice is thin
As a ghost of bees;
She will crumble your bones,
She will make you freeze.

Spin a coin, spin a coin,
All fall down.
Queen Nefertiti
Stalks through town.

By: Unknown
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