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We have a spook house so I made a dalek

We run an annual free family spook house in our garage.  I am a big fan of Doctor Who the british sci-fi series.  I have been adding Doctor Who stuff a little at a time for the last couple of years.  This year I made a dalek.


I am finally done.  It feels so good!  Here he is.

He's almost 6 feet tall.  He's made entirely of common materials.  He's mostly foam poster board.  Some foam insulation sheet, cardboard, some florist foam a little upholstery foam.  Tape, glue, paint, paper mache, a little plastic canvas, a couple of dowels, a plunger, and a short piece of pvc pipe.  I  found a couple of plastic containers for a quarter each for the lights on the head and the top of my push pin jar was the right size for the end of the eye stalk.  I put blue glass paint in it to color it.   LED christmas lights light his dome.  You can't tell from the photos but he floats 3 inches off the ground on blue light also a string of LED lights(there were leaves blocking the lights).  The only "technical" thing I used was foam coat.  It's a powder you mix with paint to coat the foam and make it sturdier and able to be spray painted without disolving.  I'm a pretty proud momma.  He will be displayed in my Doctor Who section with my ood and TARDIS front.  The dalek is pictured here in the new entry way my husband just finished up.  We hope to get more Doctor Who fans. 
We have a couple of videos from 2008. 




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