halloweenhead11 (halloweenhead11) wrote in halloweeeeen,

Cheap Costumes

Fall is coming - well, almost - and I know you all are very interested in Halloween... so I wanted to recommend 2 related websites that will give you a great value this year. Hopefully you will find this info relevant and something you can use for a later time as we approach this year's Halloween season. I know a lot of people haven't heard of Find Costume and Fantasy Toyland - it's just really a bit lower than what a lot of the competition is doing. You can actually contact customer service about buying in bulk, and potentially get an even better deal for very large purchases. At any rate, have a look if you want to pay a little less. The sites are being updated with the new for 2010 stuff now (Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) Have a good one! 
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