[Megan] (vomitxx) wrote in halloweeeeen,

Trick 'r Treat

So, maybe I'm dumb, or missed it somewhere, but apparently Trick 'r Treat (Which we have been waiting for since 2006...) is not going to be sold in stores. I didn't know this, so I was planning on going to Walmart at midnight to get it. I should have checked earlier, but I didn't. So, if you were planning on going to a store to get it, you still have time to get it on Amazon. If you get two day shipping, it's only $7.98 and you get it on the release date, Tuesday, October 6. Not bad for two day shipping. But hurry!!

Did everyone else know it was online only? D:

Um nevermind! Apparently Best Buy will have it! Yay!

X-posted to all the Halloween communities I am in, so sorry if you see this three times!
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