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This is Halloween! This is Halloween! [entries|friends|calendar]
Halloween Everyday!

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Spooky kid's TV rewatch [September 13th]

Hi guys,

Maybe some of you remember the 90's TV show, Eerie Indiana? It was basically Twin Peaks for kids, had Joe Dante as their creative consultant, and starred Omri Katz of Hocus Pocus fame.

The Eerie, Indiana comm on LJ is in the middle of a rewatch - our next episode is Dead Letter, which we'll be watching at 4pm UK time next Saturday.

It would be awesome if you joined us.

Awwww! [July 11th]

From the icanhascheeseburger site we have this adorable black kitty!

I work in a craft store and the Autumn/Halloween merchandise is already creeping in. I love it!
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Intro! [July 6th]

Are we all sick of the heat yet? I know I am. We have a long way to go before summer ends, though. Courage everyone!

What was your first Halloween costume you can remember?

Vampire, appropriately enough. The makeup for a vampire was cheap. All you needed was lipstick!

What is your favorite aspect of Halloween (the costumes, decorations, parties...)

The cool of the season. I grew up in Georgia and it was always a relief and an event when the heat broke for the year!

If you could plan one special Halloween party for all of your friends, how would you do it?

Haunted castle in Europe!

What's your favorite trick? Or your favorite treat?

Chocolate and chocolate. The stuff is multi-purpose, y'know.

What is your fondest Halloween memory?

Trick or treating. Gimme free candy! I was terrified of Haunted Houses, though, and avoided them like the plague.

What reminds you the most of Halloween?

Red and orange and yellow leaves. The leaves on my Magnolia are turning already and I'm so happy I could cry.

Post a picture, send a recipe, a poem, anything you'd like.

Here's a creepy little poem I absolutely love. I wish I knew who wrote it!

Spin a coin, spin a coin,
All fall down:
Queen Nefertiti
Stalks through town.
Over the pavements
Her feet go clack,
Her legs are as tall
As a chimney stack.

Her fingers flicker
Likes snakes in the air,
The walls split open
At her green-eyed stare;

Her voice is thin
As a ghost of bees;
She will crumble your bones,
She will make you freeze.

Spin a coin, spin a coin,
All fall down.
Queen Nefertiti
Stalks through town.

By: Unknown
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[October 4th]


its that time!

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New Art Pendants! [September 5th]

I'm so excited about these! The pendant settings were custom cut using my own design, so they're exclusive to my shop and you won't find them anywhere else! :D

Adorable coffin shaped pendants surrounded by bats, featuring the original artwork of The Zombified

Original Art Pendant Necklace by The Zombified

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Yankee Candle [August 14th]

My impressions of their just-released Halloween line. I'm not advertising for them, I swear!

So, they've done well! I missed their party by one day but I still managed to find some great stuff. I can really recommend this season's candle scents like Vanilla Satin, Kitchen Spice, Candy Corn, Farmer's Market (ESPECIALLY Farmer's Market, I love it) and Pumpkin Buttercream. But not so much the Witch's Brew or Over the River which smells like laundry detergent. I also disliked Autumn Leaves and Nature's Paintbrush but that's just my hatred of sandalwood talking. The Scarecrows and Harvest Babies are very cute if you like cute and their crackle-glass accessories are beautiful. I want them all!

The Boney Bunch actually creeps me out, and not in a good way, but I dearly loved the Skeleton Crew and their Creepy Crawlies selections. I think I'd kill for that spider chandelier but I settled for a spiderweb tea light ($5, not too bad) and I'm burning the Candy Corn in it now. Bliss!

It's 90° and sunny outside but the leaves here in NC are juuuuust starting to turn and I'm thrilled. The heat will break soon and Autumn will arrive, at last. I'll be ready!
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New Art from The Zombified! [February 17th]

[ mood | productive ]

Just finished these two pieces tonight:

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Futurama, anyone? [November 1st]
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A couple of days late but... [November 2nd]

...I just found this and I had to share.


Cool, eh?
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Happy Halloween! [October 31st]


My main men, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price.

Werewolf Haircut

Monsthers lead such INTERESTING lives!

Barn and Bozo

Yep, that's Bozo and Barnabas. The clown is scarier.
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Happy Halloween! [October 31st]


Free Printable Halloween Party Kit [October 29th]

Just in time for Halloween weekend 2010, The Zombified's offering up some free party printables- for Halloween or any occasion your spooky little heart desires! Featuring sixteen different original designs by The Zombified!

Party Kit by The Zombified

Download! (PDF):
Treat Bag Tags
Round Tags/Toppers
Cupcake Wrappers

Send your photos to zombie@thezombified.com!

More photos after the jump!
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My Daughter has Cat Feet [October 17th]

[ mood | creative ]

My daughter is going to be a cat for Halloween.  She now has cat feet. Read more and see photos...Collapse )

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Tutorializin' [October 14th]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm working on a few tutorials for a dark-themed craft group I belong to, so in celebration for this most remarkable of upcoming holidays, I thought I'd make one tutorial about creating safe, fun, truly inexpensive and super-easy costumes for our furry little friends.  

Now, I'm well on the way to being done (or, at least half way finished) w/my items for the felt pet costume tutorial.  I've written a TON of wordy stuff that'll probably never actually make it to the how-to itself, but at least now I can say I do have one decent portion of the required work done- my boycat Skye's vampire/Dracula costume! ^_^

 If you'd like to see a few more views or other arts & crafts projects of mine, you can visit my FB page here.
All this took was a little time, some scissors, 3 pieces of 37-cent felt from a neighborhood superstore, some Fabric Tac, a few super-inexpensive faux jewels (they come in a bag for like $2.99 for a whole mish-mosh of fake "stones"), some cording, a few quick dashes of Night Star glitter fabric paint, and a teeny bit of sparkle on the cape for flavor.  (I know, I know- "vampires don't sparkle!" But when you've got a black cat, it's good to help your black fabric stand out, so you can see it and not just black, glossy fur. :))

Now the decision is; what to do next?  Write on the tutorial, or start on my girlcat Ouna's faerie costume..?  Hmmm....
Anyhoo, hope you guys like, and Happy Halloween! ♥

(x-posted in a few craft & Halloween communities)
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We have a spook house so I made a dalek [October 13th]

[ mood | accomplished ]

We run an annual free family spook house in our garage.  I am a big fan of Doctor Who the british sci-fi series.  I have been adding Doctor Who stuff a little at a time for the last couple of years.  This year I made a dalek.


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Reminder: Halloween Postcard Exchange [October 7th]

As featured in a past post, here's a reminder for those who would like to participate to the Halloween Postcard Exchange: you have one day left to send me a message via livejournal containing your mailing info.

On October 8th I will send the list of all participants to members who wish to swap postcards.

And just for fun, here's one of the postcard I did for the exchange. :)


Happy October 1st! [October 1st]

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The Halloween Postcard Exchange! [September 28th]


The steps and rules are simple :

1) Message happy_skeleton with your mailing info before october 7th.

2) Make or buy the halloween postcards you wish to send to other members. You can use artwork, photography, poetry, anything you’d like, to make your postcard, as long as it is related to Halloween or Autumn.

3) Receive a list of all participating members’ mailing info and choose how many postcards you wish to send and to whom.

4) Send your postcards by October 20th so that everyone receives theirs before Halloween!

Posted on pumpkin_is_love, halloweeeeen and halloweenasylum. ♥

DIY Canvas Skull Print [September 25th]

I recently made this knockoff of Pottery Barn's canvas skull print and I thought you guys might be interested in checking it out and seeing how to make your own. 
More pictures and details
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Halloween inspo for outdoor deco [September 23rd]

[ mood | inspired ]

Halloween is so close, I wanted to share Halloween deco inspo seen on Country Living.



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